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Wicked Circus SlotHold onto your hats, the circus is back in town! However, there is something amiss with the usually colourful hub of entertainment. It looks a little bit worn down, and no visitors seem to be frequenting it. The delight of mystery will bring many to try and explore the mysteries of Yggdrasil’s 2016 Wicked Circus. That said, not many will find themselves returning once they enter those hallowed grounds! Will you live to tell the tale, and make off with the circus’ cursed treasures?

For an online slot that focuses heavily on its creepy theme, atmosphere is everything. We have to say, the developer has done a fantastic job of giving you that odd but ever-present uneasy feeling. The background image is slightly out of focus, and depicts an abandoned circus stage. It has cannons and various props scattered about, and a large curtain in the back. There are no animations or jump scares in this game. The view of the stage is creepy enough by itself! Also find other odd and creepy elements on the playing field. Exactly what is that creepy liquid dripping from the inside of the bell? Only Labslots fans can find out by delving deeper into the mystery.


Wicked Circus Slot Features

How it Works in Online Slot Wicked Circus

Play Wicked Circus from Yggdrasil on a five-reel board with five fixed paylines. These paylines pay both left to right and right to left, increasing your odds of winning. Wins are formed by collect three or more identical symbols in adjacent positions. All winning combinations must start with either the leftmost or the rightmost reels, and must follow an active payline. Using Yggdrasil’s versatile control panel, you change the total bet, spin the reels, play at Max Bet or set up Autoplay. Click the small plus button to open settings, look at the paytable and browse the help menu. Bet between £0.10 and £20.00 on every spin.

Wicked Circus Max Bet and Auto Play

Icon designs of Wicked Circus are less about the circus and more about its creepy influence. You have three fruit symbols, a golden bell, a lucky seven and a star. Rather standard stuff at first glance. Up until you realise there is something creepy spilling from inside the bell. The lucky seven looks worn down, and the star was strapped on a target and had knives thrown at it. Meanwhile, the fruits look delicious and perfect. That said, are you really willing to trust the Wicked Circus with providing you edible food? The Joker also makes an appearance, but only triggers the special feature. There are no Wilds or Scatters present.

Wicked Circus Wild and Scatters

Bonus Rounds

Every time you win, you activate Jokerizer mode. The mode takes all of your winnings and sets them aside in a separate balance. The screen turns slightly blue, and you are given a choice. Do you take your winnings, or try to risk them playing Jokerizer mode? Each spin costs you 20 coins, and has an increased chance of winning. The Wicked Circus bonus ends by landing a mystery win worth 500 coins or more.

How do you activate the mystery win? You need at least two Joker icons during Jokerizer Mode, or three symbols during standard play. The value of the prize increases the more Joker icons you have collected. In spite of this, the mystery prize is always awarded as a range, so there is no guarantee you will get the best reward.

Another benefit to drawing Jokers is the Hold function. This is only active during Jokerizer mode, and requires you to land two or more Joker symbols. Rather than taking the mystery win, you can choose to freeze the reels that have Joker icons on them. Players keep playing Hold Spins up until they have five Jokers. Keep in mind that Hold Spins are not free: they cost three times more than Jokerizer spins.

Wicked Circus Jokerizer Mode Activated

Wicked Circus: The Verdict

We can immediately tell that the special features will not appeal to everyone. The slot is entirely focused around Jokerizer mode, which requires you to sacrifice your winnings to earn more. It offers higher risk gameplay than what some punters may be comfortable with. Still, we cannot deny that Yggdrasil have made it fun to play risky! With so many special features, the game feels like a blast. We definitely recommend checking it out for yourselves on online slot sites. With creepy but top-notch visuals and engaging gameplay, Wicked Circus has plenty of attractions to keep you entertained.

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