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Star Clusters Megaclusters Slot ReviewIf there is one thing we will always praise, it is innovation. Not all ideas will work, but trying something new should be commended. Big Time Gaming is well aware of this. After all, innovation led them to create MegaWays, which turned out to be a smash success! Now, the software provider is trying again with a new mechanic that will forever change the way we play cluster slots: Star Clusters Megaclusters! Alongside cascading reels, Gold Wild multipliers and free spins, we think the developers have another success story on their hands.

One area the developers decided to keep it simple were the graphics. Given how elegantly Big Time Gaming have done this, we think it was done on purpose. The background of this online slot is a single colour, with plenty of animations to keep things lively and interesting. On the reels, we see standard symbol designs in the form of colourful gems. Neither are distracting! In fact, the latter even works out quite well when combined with the mechanics of this game. Obviously, we would have liked to see something more impressive. However, we will not hold it against this release.

Star Clusters Megaclusters Slot Features  


How it Works Star Clusters Megaclusters

You play Star Clusters Megaclusters on a four-reel board. There are no fixed paylines in place. Instead, wins are awarded when you have at least five matching icons in adjacent positions. The symbols need to be either horizontally or vertically adjacent. They do not have to start with the leftmost reel either, like in most other slots. Using the control panel, players can spin the reels, set up Auto Play, open the paytable, and change their total bet. You can wager between £0.20 and £20.00 on each spin.

Star Clusters Megaclusters Symbols

As we mentioned, icon designs in Star Clusters Megaclusters are nothing special. In order to keep the concept of megaclusters simple, the developers opted for gem-themed symbols. Each one has a slightly different colour and shape to help them differentiate themselves at a glance. It is not a big deal during normal gameplay, but it becomes necessary after a win or two. A rainbow coloured star is a standard Wild. There is no Scatter icon on the playing field.

Bonus Rounds

After a winning combination occurs, symbols that were part of that win explode. These large icons are replaced by four smaller symbols of the same type. That means a red gem win will create four smaller red gems. Cascading reels also come into play here. Icons of the same size above them collapse downwards, and new symbols fall from the top to fill in any empty spots. These reactions continue until no new winning combinations are available. That said, as each consecutive win creates more clusters, your odds of prolonging that round increases. Combining these two mechanics may have been the best decision this game has ever made!

Star Clusters Megaclusters Stake

On top of that, it benefits from the presence of Gold Wilds in Star Clusters Megaclusters. Up to two of them can appear at the same time. When they substitute for a winning combination, the multiplier is increased by one. This bonus, like megaclusters, fundamentally relies on cascading reels to make it powerful. Chain a few wins together with Gold Wilds present, and you will quickly see your payouts skyrocket!

If that is not enough, you can also activate free spins! They are triggered after winning five reactions during normal gameplay. You win two free spins, and then an extra free spins for every reaction on top of the initial five needed to trigger the bonus. The Gold Wild in Star Clusters Megaclusters carries over from the activating round into the free spins. Furthermore, each time the Gold Wild multiplier hits a multiple of ten (10, 20, 30, etc), it grants two additional free spins. With a bit of luck, this can go a long way in prolonging the free spins special feature.

Star Clusters Megaclusters Wilds

The Verdict of Star Clusters Megaclusters

We knew we were in for a treat from the moment we first launched this Big Time Gaming release here at We always enjoyed cascading reels, and Star Clusters Megaclusters looked ready to take it to the next step! Also, we purposefully kept ourselves from looking into the details. And we did not want the excitement of a Megaways heir to cloud our enjoyment.

The result was everything we hoped it would be. Special features all work together to create fun and interesting gameplay, especially once you start chaining wins together. The payouts and variance also allow incredible wins, up to 23,000x your total stake! Only time will tell if megaclusters will rock the world of slots like their predecessor has. It certainly has the potential to, if the developers play their cards right for online UK slot sites.


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