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Slingo Monopoly IconSome titles are content to do the same concept multiple times. They will stick to the same reels and special features, because they know those combinations work. Meanwhile, other games are not afraid to experiment with new concepts and try to bring them to life. What happens when you cross board games with online slots? You get Slingo Monopoly, an incredible title that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Special features include free rolls, multipliers, Joker and Community Card bonuses.

The developers did not try to make the graphics in this Slingo Monopoly release too overwhelming. The visuals are kept sweet and simple to let players focus on the action in front of them. Despite this, we can see a lot of attention went into the smaller details. The animations of money falling down after a round is interesting. If your Mr Monopoly ever gets caught, his animations are fluid and top notch. If Slingo wanted, they could make this slot look incredible. However, keeping it simple was a deliberate design choice on their part.

Slingo Monopoly Slot Features                                                   


How it Works in Slingo Monopoly

You do not play Slingo Monopoly on a standard set of reels. Instead, the playing area uses a board game layout. In the middle, we have twenty-five cards that correspond to property on the table. Their positions are randomly assigned when the round begins. In the bottom left corner, you can choose your profile. This allows you to adjust how volatile you want this online slot sites release to be! Lower variance gives you more rolls and extra rolls, but lowers your top prize. Regardless of your profile choice, how much you can wager between rounds remains unchanged. You can wager between £0.20 and £25.00 on each spin.

Slingo Monopoly Playlines

After you finish with setup, you can start the Slingo Monopoly round. This will reveal the twenty-five property cards in the middle. Each time you press the Roll button, a pair of dice will display a number. The player symbol will move by that amount of times, landing on a property. When that happens, it will place a house on that position while removing all cards of that colour from the middle. Each roll closes off more rows, and improves your odds of winning. The number of completed lines determines how much you can win on each round!

Bonus Rounds

After completing all your natural rolls, you are left with extra Slingo Monopoly rolls. Unlike your initial rolls, you have to pay extra for each one you do. How many extra rolls you can do depends on your volatility level. Maximum variance even gives you a shot at an unlimited number of extra spins!

The Slingo Monopoly slot rewards you for landing on differently coloured tiles. It also has a mechanic in place if you get unlucky and keep hitting the same colour. Each colour has a multiplied attached to it, which you unlock if you collect all cards of that colour.

Slingo Monopoly Roll the Dice

Mr Monopoly

If Mr Monopoly lands on a community chest deals a random cards from the deck of community chest cards! These cards can grant cash prizes, a get out of jail free card or a location transfer. All three are beneficial in most cases. However, location transfer can also place you in jail, which handicaps you for that round.


Land on a Joker position and you are taken to a point-and-click bonus. Here, you will have one card from all eight colours plus the utility services in face down positions. Pick one card in Slingo Monopoly, and that is the position your model will be placed on. All cards of that colour will also be unlocked on the playing field. With a bit of luck, this bonus can grant wins or let you complete a multiplier!

Slingo Monopoly cash prize and free dice rolls

Our twenty-sixth property is dealt as a bonus, and can be seen in the bottom left corner. Landing on that position gives you an instant Slingo Monopoly cash prize.

Rolling a double grants you a free dice roll.

If you end up in prison, you can break out with several methods. Players can use a get out of jail free card, roll a double, or roll three times.

Slingo Monopoly Cards

Slingo Monopoly: The Verdict

We jumped into this game to test it out before our Labslots dinner, and ended up staying up to 1 AM mindlessly playing. It is incredibly addictive like many of the best Monopoly slots, especially when you are one line off from a big win. Slingo included Play Controls that can limit things like the maximum price of extra spins or total single game loss. We wholeheartedly recommend playing this release, but we advise putting those limits on. Your wallet will thank us for this advice!

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