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Slingo Deal or No Deal symbolDepending on where you live, Deal or No Deal was a big hit or a big question mark. The game show really took off in quite a few countries, as its core premise was quite interesting. So much so that it made a frequent appearance in online casino games! Evolution Gaming would go on to make a live casino version of this title. On the slot side of things, it was Slingo and its innovative formula that successfully adapted its gameplay.

Unfortunately, one thing the developers did not deliver on are impressive visuals. As it currently stands, this game’s graphics are not very memorable. Which is a shame, because we really like the gameplay! While the designs themselves are not super mind-blowing, we do like the effort put into the animations. That and an excellent user interface do a great job of helping players keep up with what is happening in this release. Now let’s delve deeper into this new Labslots review.

Slingo Deal or No Deal Slot Features                                                   

How it Works

Slingo Deal or No Deal works quite differently from your standard slot. Instead of using a traditional reel setup, all the action in this game takes place on a 5×5 grid. There are twenty-five numbers on said playing field, randomly chosen from one to eighty. Where each number ends up is also determined randomly! Players change their bet by clicking the plus and minus buttons in the bottom left corner of the screen. This allows you to bet between £1 and £100 on each spin.

Slingo Deal or No Deal online slot game screen

After you finish adjusting your bet, press Start Game to begin the round! The release will open a separate screen, asking you to choose your lucky number. The box with that number is saved and kept off to the side. On each side of the 5×5 grid, we have cash values that represent prizes hidden in the numbered boxes. Each box swapped for a red star will reveal its cash prize and remove it from the payable rows. The more of the playing field you reveal, the more you know about the prize. You also need at least four completed lines for the computer to offer you a deal. At that point, you can choose to take the deal or keep playing.

Slingo Deal or No Deal Bonus Rounds

Unlocking more than four winning lines grants a multiplier. Five lines gives us a 2x multiplier, and it increases linearly to ten lines and a 7x multiplier. Completely revealed the board will boost all prizes with a 20x multiplier!

If a Joker symbol appears on the reel beneath the 5×5 grid, it allows you to open any box on the same row. The ability to select what position you open can be very useful in completing winning lines or to set up future unlocks. Players will be happy to hear the Super Joker is also present. It has the same effect, except it is not restricted to the same row. Instead, a Super Joker allows you to open any box on the entire playing field!

Slingo Deal or No Deal online slot another game screen


Free spins icons can occasionally make an appearance. When they do, they award a single free spin. It is played after all normal spins have been completed, and gives you an extra chance to unlock more lines and multipliers.

Another returning special feature in this slot are extra spins. They function similarly to free spins, with a major difference. Instead of being granted by a special symbol, they are available after every game round. Extra spins always cost money, with the cost determined by the grid position and potential prizes. Keep in mind that the cost of an extra spin might end up becoming more expensive than your initial bet! You can play as many extra spins as possible, or you can restrict the number through the play controls menu.

Last and definitely least is the devil icon. When it lands, it blocks potential matches on the row above it. It does not matter if you draw the right number or not. If a devil is present in that row, you will not be able to fill in that position.

Slingo Deal or No Deal online slot stake


Slingo Deal or No Deal seems like a complicated title at first. However, after playing a few rounds, you quickly get the hang of how it works! It is a welcome change to the Slingo formula, which has slowly settled into a few trends. Personally, we still prefer older games, as they felt a bit more predictable. That said, if you are looking for something to spice things up, we wholeheartedly recommend trying this release. Check out our list of slot sites to see where you can try it out!

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