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Slingo Classic Slot reviewWhat do you get when you cross the words slot and bingo? You get Slingo, a variant of the online slots game we all know and love! Do not expect to jump into this title without spending at least some time getting used to the different rules. We would not call this release complicated by any stretch of the imagination. That said, Slingo Classic asks you to learn its intricacies before you can fully enjoy it. Special features include Jokers, Super Jokers, Devils, free spins, coin awards and extra spins.

While we love the gameplay, the visuals in this slot leave a lot to be desired. The background is simple, with a dark blue colour intersected with red stars. The rest of the screen is taken up by the bulky user interface, which always shows the paytable and how many spins you have available. Animations are also not that interesting. There are useful highlights, like numbers turning red before being covered. In terms of graphically impressive things, however, this game is sorely lacking.

Slingo Classic Slot Features                                                 


How it Works in Slingo Classic 

You do not play this Slingo Classic release on a traditional playing field. Instead, the action takes place on a 5×5 grid composed of twenty-five numbers. The numbers themselves are chosen randomly, from one to eighty. They are then placed in random positions on the reels. Before the round starts, you need to set your wager. It cannot be changed once you start playing! You can choose to play between £0.20 and £25.00 with each round, with the potential to go higher thanks to extra Slingo Classic spins. When you have finished configuring your wager, press the big red Start Game button.

Slingo Classic Playlines

This will draw five random numbers beneath the 5×5 grid. If any of these drawn numbers match a number of the grid, a red star will cover that number. Your goal is to fill in the positions on the Slingo Classic grid in order to cover a line completely. Lines can be completed vertically, horizontally and diagonally! For every line you complete, the amount of money you receive climbs higher. Covering all positions allows you to win the Slingo Classic game’s jackpot prize.

Bonus Rounds

After you play all available Slingo Classic spins, the game will move onto free spins. These are unlocked when a free spin symbol appears in the reel underneath the 5×5 grid. One icon awards a single free spin. These are rare, so do not expect to get more than one or two of these per round.

On top of that, players can also use extra Slingo Classic spins. Unlike free spins, you have to pay money for each extra spin you take. The price of the extra spins is not fixed either. The bigger your winning potential is, the more the developer will charge you for an extra shot at a big win. The number of extra spins you can play is also limited. This prevents you from spamming the extra spins and makes you move onto the next round.

Slingo Classic Triple Slingo

When a Joker lands on the reel, it allows players to mark any number in the row above the Joker. This gives you an opportunity to fill in a blank space from time to time. As you can imagine, this is incredibly helpful in helping you chase after winning combinations. Super Jokers have a green background. When they appear, they allow you to mark one number anywhere on the 5×5 grid! Land three or more Jokers or Super Jokers on the reel to earn an extra cash prize.

Occasionally, coin symbols will also appear on the Slingo Classic reels. They grant an instant Slingo Classic cash prize, whose value is dependent on your wager.

Devil icons can also appear on the reels, though this is not a beneficial special Slingo Classic feature. This bonus symbol will block any number in that row from being marked. The less of these you see in your game, the better off you will be!

Slingo Classic Joker Bonus

The Verdict of Slingo Classic

Honestly, where do you even start with a release like this? Slingo Classic was the core idea that kicked off a number of sequels that all use this same mechanic. Even today, it remains an incredibly satisfying slot to play. While the developer would iterate and improve the concept, even their original take remains a fantastic experience! We from Labslots would like to see some improvements especially for online slot sites, like a higher RTP or a jackpot worth more than 500x. Still, if you do not mind a medium variance, it will still be a blast to play!

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