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Slingo Cascade symbolSet sail to the latest Slingo masterpiece! We have been consistently impressed by how the developers adjust their existing formula. Now, they have prepared a double-whammy for us. First, a great looking title set aboard a pirate ship. Second and more important is yet another fun way to play their slot! In Slingo Cascade, cascading reels and re-spins appear frequently and create fantastic winning potential! This is alongside established bonuses like free spins and Wilds.

The pirate ship’s design is kept sweet and simple. We can see the colourful sails and the ropes used to tug and control them. The blue-green sky serves as filler in the background image. It looks good, but not so impressive to distract from the main event! On the reels, barrels will turn red and explode, which quite suits the theme. Other elements of the user interface have also been adjusted. The spin button is now a ship wheel, while the spins indicator are a set of cannonballs. Now let’s delve deeper into this new Labslots review.

Slingo Cascade Slot Features                                                  

How it Works

Despite some familiar sounding special features, this game is played quite different from what we are used to! All the action takes place on a 5×5 grid, where twenty-five numbered barrels are drawn. The numbers on the barrels range from 1-80, and are chosen randomly. You can change your bets by tapping the plus and minus buttons in the bottom left corner. This gives us a betting range starting with £0.05 and capping at £0.05 per spin. You can also choose to play extra spins for an extra cash cost on top of your standard spins.

Slingo Cascade online slot game screen

After we finish setting our bet, we press the Start Game button to start this pirate-themed adventure! Five random numbers will be drawn on a small reel beneath the 5×5 grid. If a number matches one on the grid, it will be marked with a red barrel. The goal of this release is to complete as many winning lines as possible. Each time you do, your payout climbs furthers! Said lines can be formed vertically, diagonally and horizontally.

Slingo Cascade Bonus Rounds

Unique to Slingo Cascade are the cascading reels mechanic that are the inspiration behind its name. When a number on the reels is matched to the playing field, it explodes. This leaves a blank spot, where another number appears afterwards. This means punters could draw several numbers in a row, all for the cost of a single spin! Cascading reels are also in effect for the playing field! When a winning line is formed, the barrels explode and make room for more numbers to appear.


The slot also has a few old Slingo favourites making a return. The joker has been replaced with cherubs, who offer a similar special feature. You cannot choose any number on the same row to mark with a red barrel. Instead, the cherub marks off between one to five cells. We are not sure if it prioritizes completing a winning line or if it is random. During our testing, we saw a bit of both.

Slingo Cascade online slot game win

If you come across a free spins symbol, you will be granted a single extra spin. It is possible to win multiple of these, allowing you to prolong your session and delay having to bet more money.

Once all main game and free spins are played, we get access to extra spins! These are unlimited by default, and we recommend setting a limit for them through the Play Controls menu. The release will offer you a price to spin the reels again, which is added to how much you initially wagered. The price of each spin depends on the grid position and potential prizes you stand to win. Be careful, as extra spins costs can quickly exceed your initial wager!

Finally, we have the devil icon. It blocks any wins from occurring on the same row it is currently occupying. Most of the time, it is an obvious annoyance. However, it hurts even more in Slingo Cascade! It can bring a successful cascading reels win streak to a screeching halt in seconds.

Slingo Cascade online slot bingo


We already had a hard time picking our favourite Slingo slots. With this title under our belts, that decision became even harder! If you enjoy the slot-bingo formula the developers offer, you will enjoy the cascading reels addition. Individual wins are easier, but getting a notable prize is difficult. It all boils down to getting lucky with cascades. You just need one memorable round to fall in love with this game! Check out our list of slot sites to see where you can try it out!

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