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Slingo Carnival symbolDo you enjoy visiting carnivals? We find few things can compare to the excitement of fun games and big crowds to share them with! Unfortunately, carnivals seem to be less popular nowadays. Not to fear! Slingo is on the job with their latest title, called Slingo Carnival. Similar to Slingo Centurion, players do not win cash prizes directly. Instead, they unlock special features such as several different pick bonuses and lucky wheel spins. This is on top of existing Slingo bonuses like jokers, super jokers, free spins and extra turns.

Simple but elegant graphics have always been this developer’s forte. We see a large, green field, a few flags hung up on strings, and the board itself. Each available bonus also has its own background, which gives us a lot of visual diversity to play with. Animations are fluid, but are mostly kept to special features. Now let’s delve deeper into this new Labslots review.

Slingo Carnival Slot Features

How it Works

You start each round on a 5×5 grid, which is populated by numbers. These numbers are chosen randomly, from one to eighty. They are then placed in random positions on the playing field. In the bottom left corner of the control panel, punters can tap or click the plus and minus buttons to change their bet. Thanks to this, players have a betting range that starts with £1.00 and reaches a maximum of £100.00 per spin. On top of this initial wager, you can also choose to stake more money per round by playing extra spins.

Slingo Carnival online slot game screen

Once you finish setting your wager, press the Start Game button. This will start the round, and draw the first set of five numbers. The numbers are drawn in a reel beneath the playing field. If a number in the reel matches a number on the grid, that number is marked with a red star. The goal of this slot is to complete as many lines as possible. The more lines are covered with red stars, the better your prize will be. Lines can be completed vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Slingo Carnival Bonus Rounds

Pick a Toy is the least valuable option, triggered with five winning lines. You choose between three toys and receive the cash prize hidden within.

Getting six winning lines activates the Target Time special feature. In this bonus, players pick through 50 targets. These targets have randomly assigned cash values from 0.5x to 10x. You do not see which target is hiding what prize until you select it. After a certain number of draws, the bonus ends.

Seven winning lines grants the Bottle Toss bonus. Here, punters are given three throws to knock down as many bottles as possible. Each throw can destroy one bottle, receiving the prize hidden within. Available prizes are cash prizes between 1x to 5x. On top of that, some bottles also have extra balls hidden within. If you manage to knock down all the bottles, your prize will increase depending on how many balls you have left. One ball left will double the win, while two balls left will triple it.

Slingo Carnival online slot win

For eight win lines, we get the Balloon Popper bonus. It works identically to the Bottle Toss, with some minor changes. You have four dart throws to pop balloons. Balloons have cash prizes between 1x to 5x, and can hide additional darts within. If all balloons are popped with one, two or three remaining darts, the prize doubles, triples or quadruples, respectively.

Nine win lines triggers the Coaster Climb. A wheel spin determines how far the player moves and what prizes he gets. This continues until we hit Collect.


Log Ride is activated by scoring ten winning lines. It is a carbon copy of Coaster Climb, except with better payouts. The bonus keeps going until the bonus wheel draws Collect.

A full house win unlocks the Whirl Winnings special feature. Here, you can win a top prize of 1000x by spinning a wheel. The value the arrow lands on is the prize you get.

Slingo Carnival online slot slingo

If a joker lands on the small reel, you can mark any number above it. The super joker allows you to pick any number on the grid.

Devils are blocking icons, preventing you from winning in that row.

Free spins grant an extra spin at no extra cost.


This online slot feels like someone looked at Slingo Centurion, and asked if they could make it even better. The answer? They absolutely can! Slingo Carnival can take a bit before you unlock a special feature. Once one is active, the awesome winning potential will draw many players in by itself! A must-play for anyone who loves Slingo games. Check out our list of slot sites to see where you can try it out!

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