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Slingo Berserk symbolWe often wonder what sailors like Vikings did in their long sailings across the seas and oceans. Spending weeks out at sea without ever reaching shore, with nothing but your crewmates to keep you company. While Slingo Berserk does not bring any crewmates along, it gives you plenty of things to look forward to! Fans of existing Slingo gameplay can now look forward to many of its traditional special features, combined with four randomly activated fixed jackpots!

The software provider went all out to make the slot look awesome. Rain is constantly falling atop the ever-shifting sea. Beneath the reels, we see the edges of our ship, while far in the distance we see a mountain that indicates land. Lightning strikes light up the darkening sky, making you wonder if you will make it home before the storm gets you. Winning numbers are highlighted a bright blue colour to indicate you have won them for that particular round. Now let’s delve deeper into this new Labslots review.

Slingo Berserk Slot Features                                     

How it Works

You do not play this game on a standard set of reels. Instead, you have twenty-five numbers, randomly picked from 1-80, on a 5×5 grid. These numbers are then placed in random positions, and change every time you start a new round. Before you start the round, you have to set up your wager. This is done by tapping or clicking the plus and minus buttons until you get a stake that suits your budget. You can bet between £0.20 and £100.00 per spin. You can bet even more than that with extra spins, which is why we recommend setting a loss limit in the settings.

Slingo Berserk online slot mega jackpot

Once your stake is set up, press the Start Game button to begin! This release will start drawing five numbers per round. If the number matches something on the grid, that number will be replaced with a gold coin. The goal of Slingo Berserk is to cover as many lines with gold coins as possible. Lines can be completed vertically, horizontally or diagonally. You need at least three completed lines to earn a cash prize. You can also win one of four fixed jackpot prizes, which are activated randomly.

Slingo Berserk Bonus Rounds

When Thor’s hammer appears on the reel beneath the 5×5 grid, it activates a Wild. The Wild allows you to place a coin manually in any position on the same row as the Wild. Each time a Wild appears, it gives you a chance to activate the jackpot game.


You are taken to a separate screen, where you flip coins to reveal one of four different Viking faces. Each face corresponds to a certain jackpot. What coins you end up drawing determines the jackpot prize you win. When you get three of the same coin, its corresponding jackpot will be granted as a cash prize. Blue, green, red and yellow correspond to the mini, minor, major and mega jackpots, respectively.

Slingo Berserk online slot game screen

A wooden shield is a free spin symbol. When it appears, you are awarded one extra spin at no additional cost. A mace serves as a blocking symbol. Even if you draw a matching number, it will not be awarded if the number is in the same row as the mace.

Upon finishing your eleven spins and any extra free spins, you will be prompted to collect your money or play extra spins. Extra spins allow you to keep going and improve your winning combinations for an extra cost. How much each spin cost is determined by the sort of winning combination you stand to gain by playing! The price is always displayed clearly on the button. Despite this, it can be oh so easy to get carried away playing extra spins.

In order to limit the risk of losing big sums of money, you can make use of Slingo’s Play Controls. You access them by clicking the three lines in the upper right corner. There, you can limit the number of extra spins and restrict the maximum extra spin price. Players can also restrict their total single game stake and total single game loss. Check out our list of slot sites to see where you can try it out!

Slingo Berserk online slot game win


Players that liked previous games by this developer will also enjoy Slingo Berserk. This title improves the visuals quite a bit while maintaining most of what makes these releases tick. The addition of fixed jackpots that you activate randomly is something we really like. It allows for a flash of good fortune to strike your wallet like lightning. With a 1000x jackpot and a medium variance, this game is definitely worth checkout out!

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