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Slingo Ante Up symbolAs slot reviewers, we often appreciate titles that are willing to give us some control. A tightly designed experience is great, and many players will benefit from it. However, designing a game to be flexible enough to satisfy different audiences is challenging! Not everyone can do such a thing, which just makes successful attempts that much more impressive. Something Slingo Ante Up successfully pulled off while keeping its gameplay mostly unchanged.

Despite recent impressive visuals, this release goes back to a simpler design. Here, we have a dull red background. There is no overarching theme to catch your eye like we saw in Slingo Xing Yun Xian or Slingo Berserk. This is not a massive issue, but it is disappointing to see a developer go back on graphics. At the very least, we can say animations remain impressive! Won numbers are marked with a red star.

Slingo Ante Up Slot Features                                            

How it Works

Slingo Ante Up is played differently than a typical slot. All the action takes place on a 5×5 grid, where a set of numbers is generated randomly every round. Chosen numbers range from 1-80, and cannot be changed. Before starting the round, you need to set a few things. First, you pick your base stake, and then how many spins you will play. This is done by clicking on the relevant field, and choosing a suitable option from the dropdown. This allows you to wager between £0.11 and £378.75 on each spin. Just keep in mind that playing for less money will affect the size of the casino advantage.


Slingo Ante Up online slot game screen

Once everything is set up, you can press the Start Game button. This will start the round, where between nine to sixteen spins are played. How many spins are played exactly depends on how you set things up beforehand. On each spin, numbers will appear on the reel beneath the 5×5 grid. If a number matches one on the grid, it will be marked with a red star. The goal is to create as many completed lines of red stars as possible! Lines can be completed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The more completed lines you have, the bigger the payout will be!

Slingo Ante Up Bonus Rounds

A notable absence we immediately noticed were extra rounds. In almost every Slingo game currently available, you had the option to keep playing after your allotted spins were completed. This option has been removed in favour of customisable spins. We feel a bit conflicted on this, but think it is a good change overall. Extra spins had a nasty habit of making people overspend.

Wilds are also present in Slingo Ante Up. They land on the reel beneath the 5×5 grid, and allow you to select one number in that row. That number will be marked with a red star, giving you flexibility on what combination you want to target. Wilds appear more frequently than they seemed to in other Slingo releases.

Slingo Ante Up online slot bingo symbols

A slight variation of this are super Wilds. When they appear on the reel, you can mark any number on the entire 5×5 grid! It lives up to its name, and is incredibly useful. Unfortunately, it is also incredibly rare!

The letter X on a red background is a blocking symbol. When it lands, no number in the same row can be marked as a winning number. It plays an important role, though it is infuriating to see it block a row you were just about to complete.

Finally, the free spins icon grants an additional spin free of charge. It will be played after all paid spins are completed. There are no rule changes during free spins – it works the same as standard spins.

Slingo Ante Up online slot game win


While we would not call this slot revolutionary, we still enjoy how it plays with the core formula. Being able to decide our own volatility is a freedom we do not often see. Having it here feels great! It keeps all the most important parts of Slingo games, save for extra spins you had to pay for. If what you have read so far sounds interesting to you, we definitely recommend trying it out! It is well worth both your time and money. Check out our list of slot sites to see where you can try it out!

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