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Slingo Advance Neon JokerFrom the moment Tron first graced the silver screen, the world was set on an inevitable path. The design used there, combined with an upbeat synth soundtrack has created an entire generation of online slots. Slingo Advance uses this iconic design in their own title, but they offer more than just a cool theme. It brings all the innovation of a Slingo game with new additions like wins awarded even without a fully completed line. Big jackpots, jokers, re-spins and free spins all await you!

On one hand, we really like the graphics. The starry sky in the background is super cool. The stars twinkle and the colours shift back and forth, creating a hypnotising view. We also see some digital hills in the distance that never get closer, and a field of squares endlessly moving forward. That part of the visuals is great. However, we are not big fans of the colour scheme used for the playing field. You get used to it after a few rounds, but it could have been designed much better.

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How it Works in Slingo Advance 

Like with previous Slingo releases, we have a 5×5 grid filled with numbers. However, winning combinations are awarded differently here. Now, you receive a small cash prize just for getting a star in a single row. You want to advance further up, which is where the Slingo Advance bigger wins are. Each row is one level. To advance to level two, you need one star. You need two stars for level three, and three stars for levels four and five. Achieving a certain shape grants one of the fixed jackpots. You can bet between £0.20 and £25.00 at the start of the Slingo Advance round.

Slingo Advance Match one

When the Slingo Advance spins start, the reel beneath the 5×5 grid will spin and reveal five numbers. If one of these numbers matches the first level, that position will be marked with a star. Your highest priority is reaching level five, and then completing one of the jackpot shapes. Lines can be completed vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The more numbers you replace with stars, the bigger your Slingo Advance payout will be.

Bonus Rounds

Each time a player advances to the next level in Slingo Advance, they receive one re-spin. Assuming you get lucky, it is possible to unlock several consecutive re-spins.

If a Slingo Advance free spins symbol lands on the reel, it will grant a single free spins round. This extra turn is saved and used once all standard spins and re-spins have been used.

A pink triangle is the Advance icon. When it appears, the level immediately above the current active level is unlocked. Advance is only played when all other standard spins, re-spins and free spins have been played.

After all other options are exhausted, players will be offered Extra Spins. You get eight extra Slingo Advance spins, and each one has an attached money cost. While this option can help you advance further, it can also dramatically increase your total stake.

Slingo Advance Winline

Joker symbols

Joker symbols occasionally make an appearance. When they land on the reel, all numbers above them in the 5×5 grid can be selected. The chosen number will be replaced with a star, which is incredibly useful!

You can win five fixed Slingo Advance jackpots by creating the requested shape. The shapes and their payouts remain consistent through each round, and match their value with your wager.

  • Vertical pays 50x
  • Diagonal pays 100x
  • Letter X pays 1000x
  • Letter T pays 2500x
  • Full House pays 10,000x

Last and definitely least interesting is the Slingo Advance blocker. It works as the opposite of the Joker. When it lands on the reels, no number in that grid column can be matched.

Slingo Advance Blocker

The Verdict of Slingo Advance

Even with a novel concept like Slingo, new additions can sometimes be difficult. Slingo Advance is far from a bad slot for online UK slot sites. It was an interesting variation to the existing formula, and we mostly enjoyed our time playing it on Labslots. Having said that, we thought other games in the series like Slingo Monopoly and Slingo Centurion simply did it better. We hope this slight stumble will not discourage the developer from experimenting. After all, they built their brand on being original!

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