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Casino games can feel static to an outside perspective. Many brick-and-mortar casinos tend to stick to games they know will work. There is only so much space in a building, and you want to maximize tables that bring in players! However, online casinos are not limited by space. They can have as many table games as they want. As a result, live casino developers have begun experimenting with our favourites, offering a new spin to existing formulas. One such innovation is Quantum Roulette by Playtech, which adds random multipliers up to 500x to the wheel!

Short Summary                                                    

  • RTP: 97.30%
  • Betting Range: £0.20 – £500.00
  • Max Win: £250,000
  • Similar Games: Lightning Roulette, French Roulette, European Roulette

How it Works

Before you can enjoy the thrills of winning big, you first need to set your wager for the round. Playtech will show you a display of available coins you can use. Select the one you want, and then place them on the wagers you want to play. You can bet on one or multiple numbers, and you can stake on positions that cover multiple numbers. Mousing over a bet position will show you how many numbers that wager will cover. Stakes that cover multiple numbers are lower cost, but have a smaller payout.

As this is a live casino game, you only have a limited time to place all your wagers. Once the timer runs out, no more bets can be played. The host will spin the wheel, and the ball is launched a few seconds after that. As the wheel and ball start to slow, it will land in one of the thirty-seven available pockets. This includes a single green zero, and thirty-six standard numbers in red or black fields. Quantum Roulette uses the European roulette table as a basis for its design, so there is no second zero on the board.

Depending on where the ball lands, your chosen wager may be a winning one or not. The goal of roulette is to predict where the ball will land. If the ball lands on one of the numbers covered by your wagers, then you receive the appropriate payout. The rewards will differ depending on how likely a wager is to produce a win. Betting on black or red, for example, covers eighteen numbers, and as a result has a small payout. Meanwhile, placing a single number bet and getting it right is far more rewarding, but is only a one in thirty-seven chance.

The community recognises this split as outside and inside bets. Outside bets cover more numbers, but have smaller payouts as a result. They are the less risky option, and all roulette betting strategies hinge on utilising even money outside bets. These are Odd/Even, Red/Black, and High/Low bets, which cover 18 numbers and grant a 1:1 reward when won. Outside bets also cover column and dozen wagers, that cover 12 numbers and pay a 2:1 prize.

Inside bets are riskier, since they cover less numbers. However, they offer a better payout to entice you to play them. Several inside bets exist, but only single number wagers can benefit from the multiplier. Assuming no multiplier increases take place, inside bet payouts are as follows.

  • Line – 5:1
  • Corner – 8:1
  • Street – 11:1
  • Split – 17:1
  • Straight-Up – 29:1

Extra Features

Every round, there is a chance up to five multipliers are added to randomly selected numbers. What numbers are boosted is chosen by the software Playtech use. The multiplier boosts happen before the host spins the wheel, letting you know what numbers you should hope to see. Multipliers can appear from 50x to 500x.

Quantum boosts can randomly activate, adding a 50x increase to an already existing multiplier. Quantum leap doubles or triples a multiplier, up to a maximum of 500x. Both of these bonuses are granted while the wheel is spinning, which just adds to the excitement. After all, there is always a chance those initial multipliers are boosted later in the round!

Multipliers are only awarded for straight number bets. A wager that covers more than one number will not benefit from the increase. The payout for straight-up bets has been lowered from 35:1 to 29:1 in order to accommodate the addition of multipliers.


This game and Lightning Roulette are undeniably similar. They both allow players to experience multiplier increases, but do so in a somewhat different way. Quantum Roulette is not the type of game you can form a strategy for. Your best bet is to play several single number bets, and hope you get lucky. If you do score a multiplier, you could be looking at a 500:1 payout!


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