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Monopoly Big Event ThumbWhat is better than a Rainbow Riches slot series game? A Monopoly-themed online slot. If you have been living under the rocks, let us introduce you to the Monopoly Big Event slot machine –  a sensational online slot game developed by Barcrest in 2015 that is now owned by Scientific Gaming.

If you were a fan of the original board game, you are going to fall head-over-heels for this online slot avatar. This video slot, like the original game, will also reward you for finding character symbols such as the ship, the dog and the car. And while the original Monopoly symbols are there to drown you in nostalgia, what really makes the online version of the Monopoly slot a ‘big event’ is that it boasts an enormous win. Unlike its land-based version that has a maximum payout of £500, the online game has a jackpot worth £250,000.

We know that this amount would barely be able to fetch you a property even in the least expensive area (Old Kent Road) of the original game. But remember that, unlike the board, the slot pays out in real money. Now, that may even get you a bungalow in a posh locality. Also, there are a plethora of other unique and fun bonuses, including sticky wilds, free spins and multiplier bonuses, to play as you try to build an impressive property portfolio.

Here’s our full review of the Monopoly Big Event online slot. Here, we dissect the game for you and tell you all about its game mechanics, bonus features and also the tips and hacks to win the massive jackpot. So, roll the dice and read on!  

Monopoly Big Event Summary & Game Review

  • Barcrest (now owned by SG gaming), the creator of the Rainbow Riches (RR) slot series, came up with this online Monopoly slot edition in 2015.
  • Barcrest left no stone unturned to give you a nostalgic trip down the Monopoly board as the video slot is packed with character symbols from the original game with the ‘big city’ backdrop in the backdrop.
  • This is a medium variance slot with five reels, three rows and 20 paylines.
  • The video slot is dotted with many bonus features including sticky wilds, free spins and multiplier bonuses
  • Matching its ‘Big Event’ name tag, the Monopoly slot machine has a rather generous RTP of 99%. The minimum bet is a mere £0.20 per spin, while the maximum stakes can go up to a monstrous £500. The jackpot is a massive £250,000.
  • You can play the video slot for fun (demo version) or for real money at a good casino, and the game is available on both mobile and desktops.

Why should you play Monopoly Big Event?

Whether you are a Monopoly board game aficionado or a fan of Monopoly slots, this medium variance game is such that it suits almost all kinds of players. Also, those who like jackpot games must take a spin at this game as it gives you an opportunity to net a massive £250,000, that too with a crazy high RTP of 99%. We can’t even remember if we’ve come across that kind of a winning opportunity before. It’s a big event for a big loot!

Why should you play Monopoly Big Event?


What can you win at Monopoly Big Event?

If you have ever played any of Barcrest Rainbow Riches slot series games, you’ll know that the key to winning big is to bet big! The same rule applies to the Monopoly Big Event slot series as well.

While you were capped with a £500 jackpot when playing in the brick and mortar slot machine, in the online version of the game Barcrest gives you the opportunity to net a monstrous jackpot of £250,000. Also, the RTP is at 99%, when playing with the Big Bet feature. So, we think there is a pretty good chance of actually making the casino go bankrupt with this Monopoly slot game.

What is the return-to-player of this slot?

This is a medium variance slot and Monopoly Big Event’s RTP depends on the player spinning the reels. You can decide whether to play the standard game, which has a long term RTP of 96%. Or for a higher return, you can opt for Big Bets features, where the is payback 99%.

How to play?

The standard game allows wagering from as little as £0.20 per bet and you can increase the wager up to a crazy £500 per spin. However, if you want to roll high and play the Big Bets the minimum you need to bet would cost you £20, or else you can wager even higher at £30 for 5 spins, depending on whether you choose to play the progressive win multiplier feature or the bonus wheel.

Monopoly Big Event Special Bonus Features

The Monopoly Big Event slot features three exciting bonus games: the Free Spins, the Wild feature and the Big Bet feature. The player can access these features though the Big Bet game, or by entering the Big Event Bonus. And here are more details on how to activate them:

Bonus Features

The two highest paying symbols in Monopoly Big Event are the Wilds and Mr Monopoly’s Pennybags. Both have a payout of 2000 times your bet if you land five of these in a line.

Then have the dog, cat, car, and ship symbols from the board game and these are joined by standard playing card symbols ranging from Ace to 10. The dogs pay up to 300 times your stake, cars pay up to 500 times while the ships pay up to 1,000 times your stake.

Also, unlike in other online slots, do not take the regular card symbols lightly in Monopoly Big Event as matching symbols can boost your bank balance between 10 and 200 times your stake. Pretty cool, huh?

Locking Wilds Free Spins

The Big Event feature is triggered by landing three of the Big Event logo symbol on reels one, three and five. However, if you get four symbols on the reel, the House Sneak Preview gets triggered. If you are lucky enough to get five of these symbols, you will activate the Hotel Sneak Preview.

locking wild free spins


So, what do these two preview features do? In House Sneak Preview feature, you are presented with the location of the chance cards for three houses while in the Hotel Sneak Preview you get the chance cards for three hotel locations. Now, you have two options. One, is you pick a community chest card to increase your Guaranteed Wins or, two, you can decide to go with your chance card to gain a choice of Wilds and the free spins that come with it. The Big Event can throw two types of Wilds at you: Dancing Wilds or Locked Wilds. When playing Dancing Wilds, an entire wild reel will be chosen at random during each free spin. The Locked Wilds feature will fix any wilds that land on the reels for the duration of the bonus.

monoploy big event bonus round


The free spins bonus on Monopoly Big Event can pay very well as you have the chance to eliminate the 10, J, Q, K and Ace symbols leaving out only the higher paying symbols on the reels. This can be achieved by landing the Mr Monopoly in jail symbols.

free spins bonus


What’s more? If you got confused with all the options and picking, the game offers a ‘strategy advice’ if you push the help button. This feature advises you on how to play the bonus game and get the biggest wins.

Hi Roller Play Big Bet

The Big Bet bonus feature can be selected at any time and allows you to select between two bet levels – 20 coin or 30 coins. If you wager £20 you get five free spins with the progressive win multiplier feature. For a bet of £30, you get five free spins with the bonus wheel being spun each time before these five spins are played.

Hi Roller Play Big Bet


The £20 Big Bet is a progressive multiplier game with 1x multiplier attached to each spin. So, by the fifth free spin, you get a 5x multiplier which can lead to fantastic wins.

The £30 Big Bet features a bonus wheel spin with three landing areas – a progressive multiplier, persisting wilds, or free spins. The progressive multiplier works the same way as when you Big Bet £20. The Persisting wilds see Wilds lock in their places. There is also a jail column that takes out all the lowest paying symbols, increasing your chance of winning. The free spins mode gives you five free spins. All of which comes with a 5x multiplier, and thus always resulting in big wins.

£30 Big Bet features


Monopoly Big Event Casino Bonus

The game itself does not come with a bonus. However, the online casino you choose to play at should give you a good deal. For instance, PlayFrank offers a 100% casino bonus up to a maximum of £100.

Monopoly Big Event No Deposit Bonus

There are currently no active ‘no deposit bonuses’ on the Monopoly Big Event slot.

Top Tips and Hacks

We have two main Monopoly Big Event tips for you. One, play online as there is no comparison between a £250,000 jackpot (which the online version offers) and the modest £500 payout that you would get a pub slot machine. Two, take a little higher risk and wager with the Big Bets options. Sure, it does increase your risks, but it also increases your chances of getting a return to a massive 99%.

Is slot machine a random game?

All slot games from Barcrest, including the entire Rainbow Riches slot series, uses Random Number Generators to ensure that the outcome of every spin is entirely random. So, it is a completely fair game.

How to win big in Monopoly Big Event?

Although the Big Bets feature may look like an option built for high-rollers, we advise that you switch it. That will give you a massive RTP of 99%, a percentage rarely seen in slot games. Even if you don’t win the jackpot, Monopoly Big Event has a lot of other bonus features to win.

How to win the jackpot in Monopoly Big Event?

To win the big sum of £250,000, first of all, you should be playing at a good online casino. Moreover, you should have the Big Bets feature active as that will give you the highest leverage at 99% RTP.

Can you cheat in Monopoly Big Event?

There are no Monopoly Big Event cheats since the results of each spin are decided at random.

Where can you play Monopoly Big Event?

Every respectable online casino offers some games from Barcrest because of their immense popularity. We suggest playing at a casino that has some sort of bonus deal available on the game, like PlayFrank Casino. PlayFrank is the best pick because, in case you get bored with Monopoly Big Event, they also have the whole Rainbow Riches. So, you can switch to a new game whenever you want and the will bonus apply to all games.

Can you play on mobile?

Yes, the game is fully optimised for smaller screens. It can be played on all handheld devices including mobile phones and tablets.

Start playing now!

Before starting to play any slot game, we always recommend spinning a few times on the free demo version first. So, we also recommend playing the Monopoly Big Event demo version first.

guaranteed wins


The free play mode will give you a hang of the game mechanics, the bonus features, etc. without taking a risk. Once you are comfortable with the gameplay you can always switch and play for real money. However, be sure to pick a good casino. Also, British players may choose an online platform that is specifically targeted at the UK audience, like PlayFrank.

The overall experience

This video can be called the peanut butter and jam combo of the video slots games. After all, Barcrest has managed to capture two fanatics games – video slots and Monopoly. Within one video slot game, they are offering the best of both worlds.

The game captures a big pool of players because it has a medium variance that suits many.  Also, with a jackpot of £250,000 and a maximum RTP of 99%, it sincerely is a big event! Our final verdict is that if you are a serious slot player, give Monopoly Big Events a try.

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