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Evolution Live Baccarat symbolBaccarat has been around for ages, but its modern popularity started when it was featured in the James Bond movie. Seeing a movie star look elegant while raking in cash inspired many to try it for themselves. The endorsement clearly stuck, as baccarat was among the first casino games to enter the online space, and then live casinos.

Almost every software provider has his or her own version of live baccarat. Join us for a detailed look into Evolution Gaming’s offer of Live Baccarat as we deep dive into the rules and details of how to play this iconic game.

Evolution Live Baccarat Game Features

  • RTP: 98.94%
  • Betting Range: £1.00 – £1,000.00
  • Max Win: £200,000.00
  • Similar Games: Lightning Baccarat, Speed Baccarat, Baccarat Squeeze

How it Works

The round starts with a betting period. Players have a set amount of time to decide what option they want to wager on. You can opt for the player, banker or tie bet. Player and banker wagers win if the better card combination was on their side. Tie wins if both sides end up with the same card value. Evolution Gaming added a percentage circle to all three options, telling you what other players are choosing. It can help you decide if you are ever uncertain what bet you want to play.

Once the timer runs out, the betting period ends. Any wagers placed during this time will be accepted. The dealer will then proceed to draw two cards for both the player and banker positions. The cards are revealed one by one, displaying the results. Who wins is decided by adding up the face value of the cards. However, there is a bit more in-depth knowledge on how the whole thing is handled.

Evolution Live Baccarat game screen


For starters, the maximum value of your baccarat hand is nine. What happens if your hand consists of two eights? They will be added together to form a sixteen, and the first digit of that number will be removed. That means the total of that hand is not sixteen, but six. If the other hand draws a four and a five, they have a sum of nine. That means they beat your hand, even though you technically have stronger hands.

If neither side has a good enough total value, a third card can be drawn. For player hands, the decisions is rather simple. If the hand’s value is less than five, then it will draw a third card. For banker hands, the process is a bit more complicated. It checks the point value of its own hand, the player hand and whether the player has drawn a third card.

Evolution Live Baccarat live dealer


Unlike many casino games, Live Baccarat does have an optimal play: go for the banker bet. It has the best chance of winning, and is how you achieve the 98.94% RTP promised above. However, all software providers lower the payout of the banker bet to 0.95:1 in order to make up for the difference. Player bets, while slightly less likely to be won, pay 1:1. Finally, tie bets pay 8:1 or 9:1, depending on the online casino you are playing with.

Evolution Live Baccarat Extra Features

Baccarat loves pairs, as we can see from the available side bets. A great deal of bonuses in this release focus around drawing pairs. The easiest of the pair side bets to win is Either Pair. This side bet pays if either the banker or player hand’s first two cards form a pair. This results in a 5:1 payout.

Slightly more difficult to be won are P and B pair bonuses. The P pair side bet pays if the pair appears in the player hand. B pair is its equivalent for the banker hand. The first two drawn cards must form the pair. In both cases, you receive an 11:1 reward.

Evolution Live Baccarat another live dealer


The most difficult pair bonus to win is the Perfect Pair. Here, we need the two pair cards to be identical in both colour and suit in order to win. You receive a 25:1 payout if one appears. If you are lucky to get two identical cards in both hands simultaneously, you receive a 200:1 reward instead.


Evolution Gaming’s Live Baccarat is a game that is capable of keeping you entertained for hours without fail. The only thing the developer had to bring were their charming dealers and fantastic technology. The gameplay remains just as crisp and fun as it was in the days of James Bond. If you have never tried this release, we wholeheartedly suggest doing so at some point or check our list of slot sites should you feel in the mood for some online slots fun!

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