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Casino games are designed to be easy to jump into. Some require a bit more effort, but that is rewarded by achieving optimal gameplay. Think blackjack, and how its basic strategy drastically improves the odds of winning! That said, there is a large audience that does not want this extra burden.

They want something delightfully simple that they can passively enjoy while still winning some prizes here and there. If that sounds like you, then Evolution Gaming’s Live Dragon Tiger is a release you cannot afford to miss.

Evolution Live Dragon Tiger Game Features

  • RTP: 96.72%
  • Betting Range: £1.00 – £10,000.00
  • Max Win: £500,000.00
  • Similar Games: Live Baccarat, Speed Baccarat, Punto Banco

How it Works

The round starts with a betting period. This time around, the process is as simple as can be. You are placing a bet trying to predict which hand will offer the stronger card. You can bet on the Dragon, Tiger or two tie bets. The standard tie bet pays if the two drawn cards offer an identical value. Suited tie pays more, but requires the drawn cards to share both value and suit before it pays. You can also see what other punters have been selecting thanks to the percentage circles on each bet. If you are even unsure what to play, you can use it as a deciding factor.

You have a limited time to place your bets. Select one of the available coin values, and place them on one of the above-mentioned wagers. Then, once the timer runs out, all bets on the playing field will be accepted and played. The round proceeds with the dealer drawing two facedown cards. One is drawn for the Dragon hand, and the other is drawn for the Tiger hand. With both hands drawn, the host will flip them both, revealing their values to the waiting players.

Evolution Live Dragon Tiger live dealer


Now, it is time to determine the results. The value of the two cards are compared. If the result is a tie or suited tie, players who bet on that option will win. Otherwise, the hand that has the higher value card is the winner. Card values are sorted out following their numerical value. That means three beats two, but is worth less than four. King is the most valuable card, then the queen, then the jack. The ace is the least valuable card, beaten by everything else.

Payouts change depending on what bet you have played. Dragon and Tiger are equally likely to win, so neither has a payout advantage. Winning either one will result in a 1:1 reward. It is a different story with tie and suited tie bets. They pay more, but come with a much smaller RTP. The standard RTP for Dragon or Tiger bets is 96.72%. Standard tie bets grant an 11:1 payout when won, but have an RTP of 89.64% instead. Meanwhile, suited ties pay 50:1, which is the highest possible reward. However, the RTP for winning that wager is 86.02%, which is simply too low for us to recommend it.

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With a game this simple, no defined strategies can guarantee any rewards. That said, players do have options in the form of betting roads. They help track the results of previous rounds, letting you see how frequently dragon, tiger or tie bets won. You can try to use this data to predict trends that might be occurring.

Is there any guarantee this will have an effect? No, not really. Every round of Dragon Tiger is separate from the last, meaning trends we see on the betting road are mirages. They exist, but they are not reliable, and can be broken at any moment. Dragon Tiger is played with eight decks, which also complicates attempts at card counting. It is not impossible, but the benefits of doing so are not worth it.

Evolution Live Dragon Tiger Extra Features

Dragon Tiger’s simplicity is what draws many players to it. At the same time, it is also what makes it impossible for it to offer any bonuses or special features. What you see is what you get as far as this release goes!

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This is a rather fun game if you approach it with the right mind-set. Do not try to play it as if it is a baccarat table. While baccarat is the clear inspiration behind Dragon Tiger, the two do not play the same. There are no extra complications caused by third card draws, or the maximum number of points being capped to nine. This no hassle release is something you can play to relax and occasionally win something good or check our list of slot sites should you feel in the mood for some online slots fun!

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