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Chronos Joker Slot ReviewGiven how huge online slots are now, it is easy to forget their humble beginnings. While fancy games in Vegas always existed, most of us saw the simple releases. Chronos Joker is very much hoping to evoke memories of timeless classic slots. From its reel layout to its design! However, it does not offer a simple nostalgia ride. In fact, it comes with quite a few special features that can enhance the experience of playing this game. Stacked symbols, multiplier, super multipliers and re-spins all play an important role in making things lucrative!

Honestly, we did not expect much from this release visually. It does its best to be interesting to look at the whole time you are playing it. The background image is one of the most impressive things about Chronos Joker’s graphics. It depicts the vastness of outer space, with distant stars and galaxies glimmering like jewels. Our expert team also likes how the colours of the background image change as you spin the reels We also see some fantastic animations that play when certain icons and bonuses are activated. It is definitely one of the most gorgeous classic games currently on the market.

Chronos Joker Slot Features

  • RTP: 96.54%
  • Betting Range: £0.05 – £100.00£
  • Max Win: £160,000.00
  • Similar Slots: Super Joker, Starburst, Fire Joker


How it Works in Chronos Joker

You play this slot on a three-reel board, where each row is three symbols tall. You have five fixed paylines, which cannot be turned on or off to adjust your wager further. In order to create a win, you need to get three matching icons to appear next to one another on the reels. Winning combinations must follow an active payline and start with the leftmost win to grant a cash prize. The control panel is easy to use, which we quite like. We can spin the reels, set up Auto Play, change our bet and look at the paytable. Players can wager between £0.05 and £100.00 on each reel spin.

Chronos Joker Multiplier

Given that this release is a fruit slot, we did not hope for much from Chronos Joker’s symbol designs. Despite this, the developers managed to surprise us pleasantly with what they made available. The fruits are very detailed but do not stand out very much. At least, not when you compare them to higher-value icons and the joker Wild! It seems like the software provider decided to all-in on the time aspect of this slot. We see four different clock designs from different eras of human history as symbols. The more high-tech the clock, the better the reward for winning it is! The smirking joker is a Wild and can appear on any of the three reels.

Bonus Rounds

If you get a stack of three matching icons on any two reels, you unlock a re-spin. The re-spin is only played on the reel that does not have the stacked symbols on it. There are also enhanced versions of this special feature, which rely on multipliers.

Chronos Joker Re-Spin

At any given spin, players can receive a random multiplier from 2x to 10x. It has two functions. The first and most obvious being its ability to increase any payout that you score. Second, it can activate one of six special features! These bonuses trigger when a multiplier is active on the same spin the re-spins special feature triggers. It results in a multiplier change and unlimited re-spins if the right conditions are met!

  • Spins of the Future: Activates with a 2x multiplier. All subsequent re-spins are played with an increasing multiplier, starting with 3x and capping at 10x. Re-spins continue until you win.
  • Spins of the Present: This bonus triggers if your multiplier is 3x, 4x and 5x. Re-spins continue until a winning combination is formed.
  • Spins of the Past: Activates with a 10x multiplier. All subsequent re-spins are played with a decreasing multiplier, starting with 5x and ending with 2x. Re-spins continue until you win.

Chronos Joker Symbols

The random win multiplier has a chance of doubling at the start of a spin or re-spin. If that happens, the special feature remains the same, but all multiplier values are boosted.

The Verdict of Chronos Joker

Fans of classic slots will no doubt be happy to have another addition to the roster! Chronos Joker’s special features certainly help it stand out in a sea of dull 3×3 reel games. Play’n GO did their best to make an engaging title for online slot sites, by tuning it with a medium variance and a 1,600x jackpot. This makes it great for a more casual audience that just wants something to enjoy. Punters gunning for bigger wins may want to look to another release.

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