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Big Money Slingo Bonus IconNew and interesting concepts appear every so often in slots. In most cases, their developers usually stick to a set formula, with very little variation. That said, there are systems that defy these expectations. Megaways games were one of them; and Slingo titles are another! The developer decided to reshuffle the way their release works yet again! While the 5×5 grid may look familiar, you will find Big Money Slingo Bonus to be different to slots like Slingo Classic online slots.

This Big Money Slingo Bonus game is a follow-up to Big Money Slingo. The visual elements are quite similar. The grid appearance, the joker symbols and the ball container all look identical! We were hoping for a slight graphical upgrade, but we did not manage to get that! Instead, we swap from the original’s six varied backgrounds to just one. The ethereal, undefined pink-purple background does not look bad, mind you. However, it does suck that we end up having less options compared to the original. Something the developer makes up for through the available special feature.

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How it Works in Big Money Slingo Bonus

Some elements of this Big Money Slingo Bonus release will no doubt be familiar to Slingo veterans. The 5×5 grid filled with numbers is present, as we have come to expect! Like in previous titles, you receive money for completing a line. However, the way Big Money Slingo Bonus grants payouts is a little different. Each line has a set cash value assigned to it. That makes some of them more or less valuable. We cannot see a reason why the software provider created it this way. Our theory is that Jokers are less likely to land on the most valuable lines, but we have no evidence for this. You can change your Big Money Slingo Bonus bet by pressing the plus and minus buttons, ranging from £0.50 to £15.00 per round.

Big Money Slingo Bonus Paytable

After setting up your Big Money Slingo Bonus wager, press the Spin button. This makes the reel beneath the 5×5 grid spin and reveal five numbers. If a number matches a position on the grid, it will be marked with a star. When you cover an entire Big Money Slingo Bonus line with stars, it will pay the attached cash prize. Lines can be completed vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Alongside numbers, bonus icons can be drawn on the reel. You get six spins to achieve the results you want, not accounting for any free spins. The round ends after they are played, and you have to start a new round for another go.

Bonus Rounds

If you draw a free spin symbol from the reel, it will grant a single Big Money Slingo Bonus free spin. These are played after your initial six spins are completed, giving you more opportunities to land a win. It is worth noting that this slot does not have Extra Spins like every other Slingo title until now. That makes free spins worth even more, so treasure each one you get!

Big Money Slingo Bonus Spin

Another unique thing about this Big Money Slingo Bonus game is how it handles Jokers. They do not appear on the reel and allow you to choose a number. Instead, up to four Jokers will appear on the playing field at the start of every round. These jokers are effectively Wilds. They will complete any winning sequence that it is a part of. Having a joker on the grid means one less number you need to match. It is an interesting twist on a familiar bonus, though we will let you decide if it is a better one.

Finally, we come to the main draw of this Big Money Slingo Bonus release: the money wheel! To activate this special feature, we need to collect five keys in the six spins we are granted, plus any free spins. Upon collecting the keys, a wheel will cover the screen. Press start to spin the wheel. The cash prize the arrow lands on will be awarded to the player as a cash prize.

Big Money Slingo Bonus Wheel Bonus

The Verdict of Big Money Slingo Bonus

We enjoyed Big Money Slingo Bonus, but we cannot say we were very thrilled about returning to it on online slot sites. The variation to standard gameplay is nice. It feels closer to an actual online slot than Slingo Classic, which will certainly appeal to the crowd that did not enjoy the initial games. Having said that, the 86.30% RTP is something that really rubs us the wrong way. Other Slingo releases are not great in this regard, but they usually float around the 95% mark. For this reason alone, we cannot wholeheartedly recommend playing this Labslots title. If you decide to chase after its 10,000x jackpot, you do so at your own peril!

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