Age of the Gods King of Olympus Slot Review

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Age of the Gods: King of Olympus Slot

Age of the Gods King of Olympus Slot review from Labslots.comLaunched in 2016, Age of the Gods: King of Olympus focused on the de facto leader of the Greek pantheon. Zeus is the protagonist of many stories, ranging from amazing to just plain weird at times. Still, despite his shortcomings, his oversight created ancient Greece as we know it. Those who are particularly skilled with currying favour with the most powerful of the Greek deities will be rewarded! Rewarded with amazing special features and thrilling progressive jackpots.

Hats off to the developers, they manage to keep the iconic look of ancient Greece throughout the entire slot. The background image is the only thing that does not really fit. Rather than portraying something relating to Zeus, it depicts a mountainous region of Greece. Even then, the developers put in extra effort to make it look nice. Rather than settling on just a nice view, their artists give the background image a watercolour-painting feel. Despite how good it is, it does have some shortcomings. It has not aged all that gracefully, as we can see with the animations attached to wins. While distracting, it should not damage your enjoyment of this game. Its game-play is too good to be held back by something as simple as somewhat dated graphics and this game appears in the libraries of the best UK slot sites.


Age of the Gods: King of Olympus Slot Features

Age of the Gods: King of Olympus Slot: How to Win

This release is played on a five-reel board with 25 pay-lines. Unlike other entries in the Age of the Gods series, King of Olympus does not allow you to turn individual pay-lines on or off. You win by collecting three or more matching symbols in adjacent positions, following one of the active pay-lines. Playtech reuses the same control panel, but adds some extra flavour to help it fit with the theme. The font they use is reminiscent of the Greek alphabet. It still keeps those big, blocky buttons that make it easy to find what you need. You can look at the pay-table, select Auto-play, turn on Turbo Mode, adjust your wager and spin the reels. Players can bet between £0.25 and £10 on each spin.

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Icon designs are a lovely mix of playing card royals and symbols representing ancient Greek culture and mythology. You have four playing card royals present: J, Q, K and A. They received plenty of decoration to make them look like Greek letters, which helps them blend in with the theme. Other icons include pots, harps, Greek ships, a hawk and Pegasus. Zeus himself makes an appearance as a Wild, while his name in big letters is the Scatter. Not the humblest of gods, that much is certain.

Age of the Gods: King of Olympus Bonus Rounds

Collect three or more Scatters in any position to win ten free spins. The bonus begins with a 2x multiplier, and increases by one every two spins. The multiplier applies to all wins scored during the bonus. While free spins are being played, a Wild is present on the third reel. It cannot be moved until the free spins end, so make good use of it! At the end of the bonus, you should have a 7x multiplier, and some fantastic wins to go along with it! Sadly, it is impossible to re-trigger the free spins, so you cannot get a bigger multiplier than that.

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Any spin of the reels has a chance of activating the Jackpot Game. In it, players are tasked with uncovering coins on a 5×4 grid, and matching them. Each of the four jackpots has their coins hidden among these golden, face-down coins. Clicking one will reveal them, and add to the meters that you can see on the right side of the screen. The first meter that fills with three coins is the jackpot that will be awarded to the punter. You are guaranteed to win one of the four progressive jackpots if the bonus was activated.

Age of the Gods: King of Olympus Slot Game: The Verdict & RTP

Labslots know this slot is not ideal. It has some flaws, but Playtech could not control those things. Dated graphics is the inevitable fate of almost every game, and Age of the Gods: King of Olympus is no exception. This release did catch our attention because it offered a more focused experience than its predecessors did. Rather than having several special features, here we only have two; one of which is a progressive jackpot bonus. This, combined with its higher RTP of 95.98% will make it popular among players who did not find the original to be satisfactory.

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