Fruit Machine and Pub Slots

Fruit Machine and Pub SlotsThis is where it all started—before any slots were available online, you could only play on fruit machines at the brick-and-mortar casinos. These were simple creations compared to the games of today, but no less fun. In today’s offline casinos and pubs, you can still find fruit machines and pub slots scattered in between blackjack tables and roulette wheels. But where did it all begin and where is it heading? Read on to know the story behind fruit machines and what the history of this popular game can tell us about its future.

The origin of slots

In the beginning, there were only three pay lines. They were all horizontal and covered all three slot reels of the pub fruit machine. To win, you had to land three identical fruits or BAR symbols in a single row and to keep playing, you had to pop a coin into your fruit machine for each spin.

ted pub slot version


There was no autoplay, no Wilds and no bonus features, basically no nothing! If you were lucky, you could find a scatter or two, which would help you win by releasing you from the pay lines. Land a scatter and three identical symbols anywhere on the reels, and you had a win!

Now and Then: same-same, but different!

You’ll find many traditional traits in the new slot games as well. For example, the mechanical reels are often mimicked and the win lines, although greater in number, work pretty much in the same way as they use to before.

On the other hand, some of the new features in the modern slots will make them look like aliens in from of their predecessors. The newer slots may have opted for gigantic reels with falling symbols, cluster pays or even randomly moving characters, much like in a videogame. Scatters are also used very differently today. They are used mostly to trigger bonus games and free spins features. Wilds are also an added feature that helps you win by standing in for any other symbols on the reels, something that was never seen on physical slot machines.

Pub slots today

The tables have turned. Today,  companies first launch online slots and then turn them into offline machines. Players at real-world casinos want in on the action but, and understandably so, don’t want to trade the many bonus features of the online slots for a simple 3-reel game. Some favourites, like the Rainbow Riches slots, have both an online slot as well as machine avatars at pubs.

Some game developers have built their entire business just by taking the most popular offline games online. The idea is popular as many want the advantages that come with an online slot. However, some still want to retain the old memories of the fruit machines.

Why are pub slots popular?

What makes the simple fruit machine so interesting? Maybe it is the fact that you get to press physical buttons. Some say the charm comes from the ambience that you play in—surrounded by the spinning of a roulette wheel and the slapping of the cards at a blackjack table. It’s easy to get swept away. If you’re playing at a pub instead of a real-life casino, you’ll often have nice drinks and good company. In this way, the pub slots often offer a better social experience than their online counterparts.

Although the biggest differentiators are found outside of the game, there are also certain technical factors that set the fruit machines apart from the online slots. For one, you might not be able to adjust your bet size quite as much on a pub slot. The theoretical payout percentage can also vary. Also, it might be a little more difficult to find information about a fruit machine than an online slot.

The biggest upside of trying a fruit machine is that this game offers a level of analogue-authenticity that is unmatched online. Sure, you may be able to spin faster with a touch button or activate an autoplay function online. However, for some people, there is nothing that compares to the feeling of pressing an actual analogue button.

Try the real Rainbow Riches Fruit Machine

Rainbow Riches online game has a lot in common with its pub slot version. In fact, you can try most of these titles as pub slots, as we mentioned above. Scientific Games, who are the owners of Barcrest, are market-leaders when it comes to offering new games in an offline slot avatar. If you want to try a Rainbow Riches fruit machine all you need, find a well-established casino in your area. Most probably they will have the slot machine.

Many a time, a single pub slot machine offers a variety of games. For example, you might be able to try Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix and Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours on the same machine just by clicking a button. On a real slot machine, you get to enjoy the retro graphics and features.

Our summary on pub slots

It would be fair to describe a pub slot as ‘the original slot’. At LabSlots, that basically makes pub slots holy.  However, we don’t discriminate between the offline pub slots and the new sleek online versions. Rather, we believe that fruit machines online can be as authentic as the older machines. In these online pub slot games, you can often win more money and trigger more bonus features than in these land-based machines, while experiencing all the original appeal of a live fruit machine game.