Standing out from the crowd: Pay N Play Casinos

Pay N Play Casinos

As competition between online casinos keeps growing, each brand tries to offer more thrills and excitement to attract new players and retain their existing players.

Standing out from the crowd is no easy task, so every online casino tries to come up with different strategies to try and lure more players.

Casino Bonuses

For example: bonuses! Casinos might offer an enticing Welcome Bonus to try and attract more new players, Cashback Bonuses to try and retain players, High Roller Bonuses to attract high rollers – the list of casino bonuses is endless.

Casino Gamification

And what about the amazing gamification features that have become a crucial point to attract players. Online casino gamification is a very exciting new trend which involves incorporating video game elements such as scoring points, gathering XP, slot tournaments and other casino game competitions that enhance gameplay – making it even more fun for players.

Players who take part in Slot Tournaments are not only playing slots but are also competing against each other. So, apart from winning money, players gather points while playing. Finally, players who place in top 3 – or even top 10 – receive extra prizes in the form of bonus money, free spins, etc.

Other gamification features might include missions. A mission might contain a number of tasks and can take many forms – one example could be:

  • Get 5 wins in a row
  • Play 20 spins
  • Get a big win of 20x your bet

Although each of the above factors help casinos to diversify and offer different and better enjoyment to casino enthusiasts – one thing remains crucial to the player – withdrawing money quickly, without hassle and delays.

Pay N Play Casinos

And for this reason, the Pay N Play concept was introduced.

Pay N Play Casinos allow casino players to start playing instantly via a quick deposit from their bank account.

Players do not need to sign up with a casino, fill in long registration forms, send in their personal details in the form of ID Card, Passport, Electricity Bill, etc – all these requirements have been eliminated via the Pay N Play concept.

And, most importantly, no withdrawal waiting time. Deposits and withdrawals are carried out instantly, eliminating the irritation and anxiety caused by delayed withdrawals. In fact, 90% of complaints against online casinos are related to delays in withdrawals.

But the Pay N Play does not only serve as an advantage for players. Pay N Play lets operators identify and verify players when they make a deposit, helping operators to fulfil their initial and ongoing KYC requirements without having to go through lengthy processes of verification.

In other words, Pay N Play is an amazing banking concept for online casinos, and we are sure this market can only grow and expand.

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