LabSlots, the New Slot Analysis Forum, Launches in the UK

Tired of biased and unreliable information and looking for authentic slot reviews? LabSlots is here to your rescue! Launched a month ago, the brand new slot review website and forum has a no-nonsense approach. The information shared is not mere personal views. Our reviews and ranking methodologies are based on hard-core data analysis and empirical research. So, we are objective in our opinions. Here is what we do and how we are unique in our approach:

Who we are and why we are unique

Like any decent slot review site, we review and rank the very best slots and online casinos. So, what’s different about us? To begin with, the opinions shared are not based on personal preferences.

We’re a bunch of five slot lovers who’ve had a passion for casino games since we were old enough to try pub slots. However, we take our job as reviewers very seriously.

We evaluate all online casinos and slot games thorough an impartial and data-driven methodology. We test and analyse every detail and feature of the best slots and casino platforms, compare them fairly and then give our verdict. Sounds very scientific? It is!

We also aim to be the best online guides for all newbie players. So our slot reviews are not only in-depth but well-researched and factually correct. We spend a whole lot of time vetting and verify all casinos to ensure that they are fully licensed, regulated and well-established. So, if you see a game on our site, rest assured, it’s safe to give it a spin.

Advice especially designed for the UK slot players

Labsots objective is to put years of online casino experience and slot knowledge online to good use. And we have a special focus on UK slots. So, you’ll find a range of different casino games covered by us, but with a special focus on online slots for UK players. We also have a special place for world-renowned casino providers such as NetEnt, Scientific Games and Microgaming. Also, because our forte is slots that are most popular in the UK, we pick information and discuss topics that are most relevant to British players.

LabSlots is a community!

Although we have a very scientific approach to our slot rankings, we are not just lab coats and numbers. We understand the emotional and nostalgic aspects attached to online gaming and therefore we welcome you—the gaming community—to share all your stories.

We believe that a good slot review website and forum should include opinions and experiences from all kinds of players. After all, that is the power of a community—the collective intelligence we can create together! Interested in being part of the LabSlots family? You can start contributing by commenting on this page.

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