ECA Launches Industry’s First ‘Positive Impact’ Campaign

ECA launches industry’s first ‘positive impact’ campaignLast week, the European Casino Association (ECA) launched a campaign that aims at highlighting the casino industry’s positive impact on the economy as well as the society in general.

The association (ECA), representing the sector across almost 30 countries across Europe, will base this campaign on a recently published report that identified these “positive impacts” through a first-ever comprehensive economic impact study of the industry in Europe.

What is in the ECA report?

As many would know, casinos and gambling is a highly regulated industry that is always under the strict scanners of the authorities. And usually, the news around it is negative. “This campaign will demonstrate areas in which the industry plays a positive role for European economies and societies,” said Per Jaldung, Chairman of ECA.

The ECA, in this report, therefore plans to investigate the positive economic effects of this age-old industry. The study plans to analyse how casinos’ effect direct and indirect employment in a region and their total economic impact on society. It will also investigate cultural aspects such as heritage conservation, promotion of tourism, societal contribution among a number of other. Moreover, all these areas will be studies alongside compliance, which is always the topmost priority of this industry.  The campaign aims to provide concrete and factual findings that can contribute as inputs for policy discussions that impact of the industry. ECA plans to publish the findings of this study primarily as a social media campaign.

While in UK regulations tighten further

Recently, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) added an additional layer of protection to prevent underage gambling. Now, casinos operating in the UK will be required to verify the ages and identities of their new customers before allowing them to make deposits to any online casino accounts. Previously, the gaming platforms got a three-day grace period to carry out these verification checks. The Brtish gaming authority marked it as a loophole that enabled underage gambling and thus the change in rules.

This is not the first set of regulations. The UKGC has been making several changes over the past couple of years to make online gambling safer and fairer. Hopefully, these new rules will only improve the future of this industry and the players in the UK.

Balancing both worlds

The UK is not the only country tightening the laws. Many other European countries such as Denmark and Sweden have been talking about taking similar steps.

When an industry is as old as gambling, with so many different participants and stakeholders, strict regulations become extremely important to protect the players and their safety. In fact, tighter rules are good for the industry’s reputation as well. It shows how serious the businesses are about safeguarding the customers. Tougher laws also filter out the scammers.

While keeping the industry clean and fair is extremely important, it is also sometimes important to acknowledge it’s contributions. So, we think, ECA campaign to highlight the industry’s achievements and positive impacts is surely a step in the right direction.

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